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Wooden Water & Sand Wheel *Early March Delivery*


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*Please note this item is a pre order, anything else ordered with this item will all be shipped together, please contact us or place a seperate order should you require anything else earlier.*

From the makers of the Construct and Roll and the Water Ways, comes the Wooden Water and Sand Wheel, Perfect add on to the Wooden Water Ways.

Let the fun and play begin with this crafted wooden wheel which can be used with water or fine sand!

Children get so much joy as they pour water into the funnel and see the wheel delightfully spin around! Not only can it be used with water but also dry fine sand works amazingly too! The funnel at the top can be removed so children can experiment with pouring other loose grains to investigate what causes the wheel to spin. The Wooden Wheel can also be placed in a small stream between two sticks and it keeps spinning as the water rushes by!

Size: Frame 23.5cm x 9.7cm x H33.5cm, Wheel 24cm x 12cmx H22cm, Funnel 9.7cm x 8cm x H14.5cm

This wonderful timber resource is so open-ended with multiple uses! 

Designed by an Australian Early Childhood Teacher and crafted in Vietnam

WARNING: This product is suitable for children aged 3+




Wooden Water & Sand Wheel *Early March Delivery*

Wooden Water & Sand Wheel *Early March Delivery*