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The Ocean Drift // Fabric Wall Decals


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Are you ready to introduce your child to this magnificent range of some of the most amazing sea creatures that exist? 

Encourage their wander with these BRAND NEW The Ocean Drift Collection of removable and reusable fabric wall decals -- includes an Octopus, Green Sea Turtle, Whale Shark and a Great White Shark! 

Discuss the fact an Octopus is one the smartest animals alive, that Green Sea Turtles are in fact brown but are known as green due the algae that grows on their belly, that great white sharks are in fact quite beautiful in their own rights and how majestic and calm the Whale Sharks are. 

Your child will love these new designs of fabric wall stickers! And they go perfectly with "From the Deep" Whale Collection for your little ocean lovers! 

Created from the intricate illustrations and paintings by the artist, Jenny Richardson, this wall sticker is incredibly easy to use to a child's bedroom or playroom in just a few seconds! 

These large oceanic friends will immediately draw your eye. They have an amazing presence to them, with their deep dark watercolours and strong ink drawn lines. 

Watch your child's excitement as they see these go up on their walls! They are SERIOUSLY COOL! 

The Ocean Drift Collection of Fabric Wall Stickers is a fabulous choice for any fan of the sea and for older kids room! It includes:

1 x Whale Shark measures in at 40cm x 14cm. 

1 x Great White Shark measures in at 40cm x 14cm.

1 x Octopus is 39cm x 20cm. 

1 x Green Sea Turtle is 27cm x 14cm.

These are printed and made here in Australia, created from the original artworks by Jenny Richardson.

 Please read: please take extra care when removing from the wall. Even though these are reusable, the intricate details of the antenna make them fragile. Tip - lift from the main wings towards the antenna/intricate parts slowly.

These Fabric Wall Decals are eco friendly! High quality product made here in Australia -- printed using water based paint, on to fabric. BPA and Phthalate free and bio degradable!

Reusable. Removable. Durable. Kid Safe Ink. Fun. Easy to use!

The Ocean Drift // Fabric Wall Decals

The Ocean Drift // Fabric Wall Decals