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Monarch Butterfly Lifecycle Puzzle

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A beautiful monarch butterfly life cycle puzzle to talk and learn about this iconic pollinator.This lifecycle puzzle features multi dimensional learning opportunities to study the natural cycle of the monarch butterfly.

The puzzle is self correcting to fit the right piece in the right place
Kids can learn about the 4 stages in the life cycle - egg, Caterpillar, chrysalis and butterfly.
The host plant of monarchs - milkweed is highlighted front and center. They are essential for monarchs to survive.
Multiple stages of chrysalis transformation is featured (and many more pictures of that stage is available as PDFs as well)
Back of puzzle features the annual cycle of the monarch butterflies - when do they breed, when do they migrate, can you see the same butterfly in spring and fall?
Pdfs of cards to extend the learning - 4 cards explaining the 4 life cycle stages with real images, anatomy of a butterfly, beautiful set of real photos of chrysalis transformation and a fascinating set of CT scans inside the chrysalis while the transformation happens.

Puzzle is made of hardwood maple and inserts are made of aspen; They are polished with linseed oil to bring out the natural beauty of hardwood.

Measure 17.7cm x 19.6cm

Handmade by Mirus Toys in the US

Recommended age 3 years+

Monarch Butterfly Lifecycle Puzzle

Monarch Butterfly Lifecycle Puzzle