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Gathre // Midi + World Map


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Added length for extra impact. Think hangable tapestries, room-making playmats, or a crossover between both. They fold compactly for easy storage and transportation all while still having a premium look and feel.

All of the mats are ethically and responsibly made overseas and are free of toxins, PVC, phthalates, and lead. They are all also CPSIA compliant.

The bonded leather mats are backed with flocked suede, which contains 28% genuine leather.

Printed mats may be up to 5% smaller than solid mats.

Dimensions: 52x76” (132cm x 193cm approx)

Weight: 1.8kgs


- Use a wipe, paper towel, or wet rag with gentle cleaner to clean the surface of the item

- Be sure to let your item dry fully before putting away

- Wrinkles can be released by laying flat, hanging, or steaming

- Do not machine wash or iron

- Avoid permanent markers or anything with heavy dyes

- Be careful with mineral sunscreens, as they may stain

- It is recommended to use extra caution when folding or cleaning printed mats as they are digitally printed on the leather.

Recommended age 12months+ ( Please always supervise children under the age of 3 years). 

Gathre // Midi + World Map

Gathre // Midi + World Map