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Colour Creative // Balancing Game


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WOODEN BALANCING TOY for people aged 3 to 103 years

CONCENTRATOR OF ATTENTION, energy drinks substitute and MOTIVATOR for realization of dreams

OFFICE STRESS RELIEF TOY. ATTENTION CONCENTRATOR for office workers, students, creative people, coworking spaces, brain storms, trainings, conferences. RELAXING TOY MOTIVATION GAME to achieve goals. You'll make a goal and every time there is a lack of motivation for further actions, collect the BALANCE BLOCKS. GAME ASSISTANT TO MAKE DECISIONS. Yes or no? If you built it - yes, you collapsed it - no or another time. Ask a question and build a LOGIC BOARD GAME in a new way.

Once upon a time, when trees, houses and dogs were very large, all toys were about "create with simple things"
If you put an arc on a cube, you can have a swing.
If you put a triangle and a cross on the swing, you will have friends on the playground.
If you put crosess, bagels and an arc - you wil get a funny face, sad or sly.
If you put an arc on another arc and set up all the details on it ... How much can come of it. In combination with conversational practices, it can be used as a component of SPEECH CORRECTION for adults and children

Comes in a linen bag and Kraft box for safe keeping. 

SAFE FOR KIDS from 3 years. High quality sanding

ECO-TOY, which is certified in Ukraine. All details are made of natural materials: certified plywood, zero paint and varnish coatings and toxic parts.

  • Size: 227mm (length of the biggest detail)
  • Material: Material: ashwood/Coating: water-based paint
  • Age: from 3 years
Colour Creative // Balancing Game

Colour Creative // Balancing Game